[LinuxBIOS] GCC - egcs - Linux - string in commercial BIOS module

Borg No. One borg_no.one at gmx.net
Fri Dec 2 20:57:40 CET 2005


Accidentally, here...:

...I found a BIOS which contains an uncompressed BIOS module with the
"GCC: (GNU) egcs-2.91.66 19990314/Linux (egcs-1.1.2 release)"

Here is the CBROM32 output:
CBROM32 V1.45 [08/03/04 Release] (C)Phoenix Technologies 2001-2004

              ******** 4865GQET14.BIN BIOS component ********

 No. Item-Name         Original-Size 

  0. System BIOS       20000h(128.00K)  1359Bh(77.40K)  GQET.BIN
  1. XGROUP CODE       0ACB0h(43.17K)   07560h(29.34K)  awardext.rom
  2. CPU micro code    04000h(16.00K)   03F9Fh(15.91K)  CPUCODE.BIN
  3. ACPI table        03A34h(14.55K)   0164Ah(5.57K)   ACPITBL.BIN
  4. EPA LOGO          0168Ch(5.64K)    002AAh(0.67K)   AwardBmp.bmp
  5. YGROUP ROM        061E0h(24.47K)   04127h(16.29K)  awardeyt.rom
  6. GROUP ROM[ 0]     03F60h(15.84K)   01DDDh(7.47K)   _EN_CODE.BIN
  7. VGA ROM[1]        0C000h(48.00K)   06C88h(27.13K)  SDG_2919.DAT
  8. NoCompress ROM    40000h(256.00K)  40028h(256.04K) 040603.dat
  9. LOGO BitMap       4B30Ch(300.76K)  02CC6h(11.19K)  865.bmp
(SP) NCPUCODE          03000h(12.00K)   03000h(12.00K)  NCPUCODE.BIN

  Total compress code space  = 75000h(468.00K)
  Total compressed code size = 72C08h(459.01K)
  Remain compress code space = 023F8h(8.99K)

                          ** Micro Code Information **
Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID
PGA478 17 0F29  | PGA478 2E 0F12  | PGA478 01 0F21  | PGA478 08 0F23
PGA478 1E 0F24  | PGA478 05 0F13  | PGA478 15 0F25  | PGA478 37 0F27
PGA478 17 0F29  | PGA478 12 0F30  | SLOT1  07 0F32  | SLOT1  0B 0F31
SLOT1  07 0F33  |

"040603.dat"[NoCompress ROM] contains the string, mentioned above.

It is really unusual that a/an "Award", "Phoenix - Award", "Phoenix",
"AMIBIOS" contains such a Linux/GXX related string.

Furthermore, the module: "040603.dat" itself seems to be already
packed/compressed anyhow,
because of packing the module with ZIP/ACE/RAR/7ZIP has nearly no effect.

Does anybody know, what the sense/task of the module is?

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