[LinuxBIOS] Open Gaming Console

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Wed Aug 31 21:00:11 CEST 2005

Richard Smith wrote:

> I'm currently in the tail end of a large project that uses the PNX1500
> and I can 100% say that working with this chip would be a large
> undertaking.  The developement system _sucks_.  One of the worst I've
> used.  You thought a LinuxBIOS setup and compile was difficult
> somtimes.  Its a breeze compared to the Phillips PNX stuff.  Imagine
> if linux bios was 5 times its current size and the entire build system
> was written in perl.
> All of the example source and system libraries come with headers that
> explictly forbid using the code or library in conjunction with _any_
> open source type code.  On top of that the chip (1500) is buggy.
> All that said its a hauling ass video processing chip.  We are doing
> realtime MPEG video encoding with it.  But dosen't have any 3D
> graphics capabilities.

Linux on the Nomadik and the Nexperia's would be lot's of work with 
little support I agree. Philips never seems to release any source.

To bad SH never evolved since they had great floating point units. SH-6 
or 7's with PCIe and larger caches would be great for multimedia and 

ARM has lots of Linux support but I have never found production silicon 
of an ARM core with FPU's and PCIe.



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