[LinuxBIOS] Open Gaming Console

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 20:38:09 CEST 2005

> ST Nomadik has lots to offer as well but weak in 3D graphics support
> http://www.st.com/stonline/products/literature/bd/11196/stn8810.pdf

I've had a pretty piss poor experience with STPC and ST.  So i'd have
to recommend against any of thier products.
> as does the Philips Nexperia's
> http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/products/nexperia/index.html

I'm currently in the tail end of a large project that uses the PNX1500
and I can 100% say that working with this chip would be a large
undertaking.  The developement system _sucks_.  One of the worst I've
used.  You thought a LinuxBIOS setup and compile was difficult
somtimes.  Its a breeze compared to the Phillips PNX stuff.  Imagine
if linux bios was 5 times its current size and the entire build system
was written in perl.

All of the example source and system libraries come with headers that
explictly forbid using the code or library in conjunction with _any_
open source type code.  On top of that the chip (1500) is buggy.

All that said its a hauling ass video processing chip.  We are doing
realtime MPEG video encoding with it.  But dosen't have any 3D
graphics capabilities.

TrollTech has some sort of linux offering for the Nexperia phone
platform but I've not looked at it.

Richard A. Smith

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