[LinuxBIOS] VGA support

Steve Magnani steve at digidescorp.com
Sat Aug 27 15:18:43 CEST 2005

Hi Steve -

> what are the Options.lb changes to run without a FALLBACK 
> or without CMOS Options.  
I think ideally, to run without fallback, you'd just set
HAVE_FALLBACK_BOOT = 0 and change your target Config.lb to not build the
fallback image. But I don't think most config files are set up to work
that way. I set FALLBACK_SIZE and HAVE_FALLBACK_BOOT to 0, and use a
mainboard Config.lb file that looks like this:

    ## Build our reset vector (This is where linuxBIOS is entered)
               mainboardinit cpu/x86/16bit/reset16.inc 
               ldscript /cpu/x86/16bit/reset16.lds
               mainboardinit cpu/x86/32bit/reset32.inc
               ldscript /cpu/x86/32bit/reset32.lds 
        mainboardinit cpu/x86/16bit/reset16.inc 
        ldscript /cpu/x86/16bit/reset16.lds

> Are there ways to tell how much free Flash space you have?
I usually look at the linuxbios.rom file with a hex editor to see if
there's a large chunk of "FF"s. If so I try reducing ROM_SIZE and/or
ROM_IMAGE_SIZE, depending on where the FFs are.

Hope this helps.
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