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Nathaniel Dube avatarofvirgo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 23:11:24 CEST 2005

On Thursday 25 August 2005 01:06 pm, onelabs at onelabs.com wrote:
> The reality here is that you'd be building a new game platform and
> selling it at
> a loss (the same as Sony and M$) if you're trying to match their
> performance. In
> order to make a profit you'll have to sell games and accessories with
> enough profit margin to recoup your investments in the consoles.
> IMHO, your largest hurdle will probably be getting the funding to back your
> console business and attracting game developers to gamble on the
> investment.
> -Bari

Actually, I 'm not really focused on doing that now.  All I have to do is put 
up a site with downloads and instructions so any small business can put it 
together in half an hour or around that time.  It's not my interest to make 
any money off this.  Unless I put a donations thing on the site.

The goal is make it so any one with an all ready established business can 
download ISOs, the flash and buy their own hardware.  Flash what ever mother 
board LinuxBIO supports, put together what ever hardware they want and 
install the OS.  The only thing that would cost them any thing is the 

The controllers all ready exist.  I saw some PC controllers that looked like 
xbox controllers.  Those should work out great.

This console would basicaly just be a cheap PC with a slimed down Linux Distro 
designed to act like the xbox OS and have LinuxBIOS so it boots up fast like 
the xbox.
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