[LinuxBIOS] Work at AMD to support LinuxBIOS

Hamish Guthrie hamish at prodigi.ch
Thu Aug 25 15:34:23 CEST 2005

> Whats a GX2?  I don't see any thing with GX2 on the website.
> I thought that was whole point of the newer GX533 and the LX.  The are
> using AMDs x86 stuff rather than the National Semi stuff.  If they are
> still using VSA then I won't even bother.
> No point in doing anything with SiS either.  You can't get an SiS
> chipset(s) unless you talk huge quantities.
> It will only be useful to me if its the GX533 or the LX and a CS5536
> companion device.
> Guess I need to go look at what info is in the developer site.
The VSA/VSA2 enables more true VGA compatibility and enables the audio, 
among a few other things. For any device where there is a NSC/AMD 
companion chip (CS5530/CS5536), as far as my understanging goes, 
includes VSA, the SC1200 and a few of those other integrated devices 
also have the VSA.

The difference between what AMD/NSC call the GX1 and GX2 is simply the 
companion chip - CS5530=GX1 platform, CS5536=GX2


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