[LinuxBIOS] Work at AMD to support LinuxBIOS

Hamish Guthrie hamish at hatecke.ch
Wed Aug 24 22:39:37 CEST 2005

I have done a lot of work on the GX1 platform, I also have a kindly 
loaned GX2 platform from AMD here, but my GX1 work is for a paying 
customer :), so that is taking priority ATM - I am not sure what the 
situation is with the newer processors - it appears as though there is 
third-party chipset support (SiS, if I am correct), and their docs are 
not necessarily of the highest standard IMHO. </END RANT!>

If they are still using VSA or VSA2 on the newer chips, I can give you a 
heads-up - it can be a trite tricky.


Richard Smith wrote:
>>Do that and you will find your products will magically become
>>supported by the community who will then speak very nicely about AMD
>>_without_ a lot of additional effort on your part.
> In fact I'll actually put my money where my mouth is on this.
> Send me a LX DB800 board and if there is enough info on the developer
> site. (which I'm already a member of) I'll make the port happen.  If
> not I'll send it back.
> Looks like there is a empty PLCC socket on the board.  If that's where
> the BIOS goes then I won't need any special flashing tools.
> Hamish you already have quite a bit of work done toward this don't you?

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