[LinuxBIOS] Work at AMD to support LinuxBIOS

Brunner, Richard richard.brunner at amd.com
Wed Aug 24 19:19:38 CEST 2005

Initially, our active focus will be on LinuxBIOS
support for AMD Opteron processors. We are still 
discussing internally what we can do for other
AMD product lines. Right now, we are taking it 
one step at a time. Got to start somewhere ...


	-Rich Brunner, AMD Fellow

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> > I have been hired by AMD to support LinuxBIOS development 
> as it pertains
> > to AMD's product offerings.   Where appropriate I will also work on
> We have been looking at replacing our STPC products with either a
> Geode GX or LX setup.
> Poor LinuxBIOS support has held this up somewhat.  
> We curently are not paying a royality for our BIOS and we don't _ever_
> want to do it again.
> Whats the plan for "official" LinuxBIOS Geode GX and LX support?
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