[LinuxBIOS] Booting windows 2000

Narahari, Narasimhaiah (IE10) Narahari.Narasimhaiah at honeywell.com
Wed Aug 24 16:14:32 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,
	I've got a small question to ask.
	I am working with Dorado board which consist of SC2200 ( Geode
based) as the processor.
	I am trying to load windows 2000 with LILO as boot loader with
LinuxBIOS (LinuxBIOS + ADLO).
	I am not having VGA support.
	So I want to see the debug information on the serial (UART) port.
	I made serial port redirection at LinuxBIOS level.
	Is Serial port redirection possible after the Windows 2000 comes up.
	Can some one help me on serial port redirection at LILO level and OS
booting level also.
	I am sorry if I am not clear.
	I am struck up at this level.
	So any help can be really boost for me.
Thanks in advance,


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