[LinuxBIOS] Open Gaming Console

Nathaniel Dube avatarofvirgo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 07:41:17 CEST 2005

Has any one ever thought of making a gaming console using LinuxBIOS?  I would 
like to put one together using open standard hardware and with a linux based 

The goal, to create a openstandard/opensource game console.  Then game 
companies can make games for low prices since this system doesn't have to 
deal in royalties.

I hear the Xbox360 will be around $300 and the games $60.  I think that's 
complete bull spit.  I think it's time for people in the Linux world to make 
our own game console.

We made a operating system as an alternative to Windows now it's time to do 
the same with their game console.

We gave the computer world freedom now lets give the gaming world freedom so 
junior (as well as adults) aren't spending arm and leg for games, consoles 
and other parts.

It's not just money I want people to save but to give them back freedom in the 
technology they use.

The hardware side of this project is easy.  The hard part is putting together 
a small Linux OS for it and customizing LinuxBIOS for this kind of system.  
If any one wants to start such project let me know.  All I have are ideas, 
what I don't have is the knowledge to pull this off.

Which is why I need some of you talented people to help me start a project to 
pull this off.
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