Win2k booting was. Re: [LinuxBIOS] RE: LinuxBIOS Digest, Vol 6, Issue 31

Richard Smith smithbone at
Mon Aug 22 09:34:55 CEST 2005

> Did Any body face problems using nt-loader to boot Windows 2K?
> With regards,
> narahari


First:  Please take the time to add a proper subject and trim your
message.  You replied to a digest and included the _entire_ digest. 
If you can't take the time and effort to format your message nicely
then most lists will not take the time to respond to you.

Re: your post. Most of the developers here are booting linux OS's so
you are not going to get much help unless you are pretty specific
about what problem you are seeing.  I think only about 5 of us or so
have messed with using ADLO and bochs bios to boot MS stuff.

You may also have to seek the help of the bochs people but again you
will need to provide more detail.  Ie.  What bios interrupt(s) you
think may not be working and what you have tried.  If you look at the
wiki there are links to a write up for the sucessful booting of w2k
from the author of ADLO.  Perhaps it has the info you seek.

Richard A. Smith

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