[LinuxBIOS] newbie question of lb

Hamish Guthrie hamish at prodigi.ch
Fri Aug 19 22:53:54 CEST 2005

Hi Edwin,

I am sending you a quotation from a very good member of the open source 
community - I do not want to detract from your question, at all, but 
some of Marty's suggestions are good value for money.

I quote my friend Marty Connor

"You need to do a better job asking for help.  You provide very little 
in the way of information, and then you literally beg for help.

If you are having trouble with a project, then at least demonstrate that 
you have read (or attempted to read) the documentation.  There is also a 
mailing list for help specifically with that software, if you can't 
figure out the documentation or examples.

Also, in debugging, you should attempt to create simple test cases, and 
when they fail, send input, output, and what you thought should happen 
to the appropriate list for analysis.  Otherwise, all we can do is guess 
what might be happening.

I want to encourage you to proceed, but I also want to strongly suggest 
that if you want help, you need to show that the time of the people 
trying to help you is not wasted.  You can do this by showing that 
progress you have made, by producing output, and explaining in more 
detail what you did.

If your English skills are a problem, please find a friend who has 
better skills, and have them help you, in exchange for help with 
something they need help with.

I hope you succeed, but even more I hope that in this process you 
develop better debugging skills, and improve your methods of asking for 

Marty said it all.


Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Edwin Morales <Morales at appro.com> [050819 20:18]:
>>hi all,
>>new to linuxbios and just have some basic build questions.
>>- how to care of the payload build error
> what build error?
>>- whether it be for etherboot or filo
> What's your question?
>  I applaud Alexander for helping you, but I also think that you need to do more work on your own to try and figure things out.

>>any quick tips are appreciated, anything but rtfm
> try to be a bit more elaborate ;-)
> http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#beprecise
> http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#writewell
> Stefan

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