[LinuxBIOS] Where to put datasheets in wiki?

Jeff Carr jcarr at linuxmachines.com
Sun Aug 14 20:18:26 CEST 2005

I did lots of digging today to uncover what documentation I could find
on the M-Systems MD2802. I"m still just assuming that is what I have in
this machine because that's what flash_and_burn reports.

Is there somewhere on the website links to the datasheets should be put.
It takes a long time to track them down. It would be more productive if
we pool the effort.

Datasheets that available without NDA (most of them are nowdays) most
companies seem to have a rather liberal view on putting them on other
websites. I'd be of the opinion that we should just upload them to the
linuxbios wiki. That way we know the document will stay around. Lots of
these companies change the URL's over time so you have to start the
whole process over again. In addition to the actual PDF, a link to the
original site can remain also just incase the documents upstream are
updated. Then again, maybe uploading the PDF's isn't worth the effort?

The "Supported Chipsets" page seems like the right place to put the data
sheets and other documentation known about a specific chip.


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