[LinuxBIOS] Undo all hdama changes.

yhlu yinghailu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 18:17:25 CEST 2005

My idea about your changes
1. memhole move from raminit.c to northbridge.c, That is goog feature,
but need to keep my code in init_ecc, to skip the mem hole.
2. dual core: create entries in cpu_bus_scan or in amd_sibling_init,
later one may cause racing, if we disable CPU_INIT_SERILIZE on four
way dual core and eight dual core. You know we really need to disable
CPU_INIT_SERIALIZE otherwise init_ecc stage will take too long.
3. you need to keep incoherent_ht.c ( K8_ALLOCATE_IO), I'm using that
for multiple CK804 early access...
4. ext apic id mode only need for 8 way dual core.
5. dual core, if it is disable the apic id of CPU should be the same
as pre-e0, instead of 0, 2, 4....
6. for CAR purpose, I can not k8_init_and_stop_secondaries, because I
need to go to __reset intead of __jmp to it. (somthing related to
stack switch).
7. We need to use write_irq_tables intead of copy_irq_tables, I have
append write_irq_tables in every MB irq_tables.c to call
8. You need to keep CK804_DEVN_BASE=0 in some files, according to NV,
for ck804 if you change unit id, you may lose bus master support.


On 8/10/05, Jason Schildt <jschildt at lnxi.com> wrote:
> All,
> After looking at the problems this "simple" commit caused, I've rolled
> it back to the revision before my commit (2005->2003).  I'll go over
> these changes with Tom and Eric and try again later.
> My apologies for any broken builds.
> --jason--
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