[LinuxBIOS] bios of single devices

spidermantm at freenet.de spidermantm at freenet.de
Wed Aug 10 12:55:17 CEST 2005

hello dear bios-workoholics,

does anybody know, if there is only one bios on
the motherboard, or

if every single hardware device or item of a PC-System, like hard-disk or
cd/dvd-rom drive or pci-card or floppy,
has an own little bios-chip,
for to be recognized
by BIOS on mainboard ???

the ques is, for example, if PC beginner simply
plug off such a device, while PC is switched on,
and "damage" this device,
that probably this device is not damaged,
cause you only need to re-flash this
little BIOS-chip or hardware-TM-brand-chip of concerning device ???

or ?

tuvm for response

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