[LinuxBIOS] Trying to build all available targets.

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Thu Aug 4 17:59:52 CEST 2005

I've been playing about with trying to autobuild all the available
targets, to catch regressions, or more relevantly to convince myself
that when things are broken it's not just EPIA-M that's affected.


is what I've got so far.

1987/ is pre gcc4 fix, so 1989/ is more interesting.

All 12 Tyan boards built, leaving 18 that didn't.

amd-quartet, amd-solo, arima-hdama & ibm-e325 all look like they'd build
with elf payloads (the directories they look for the payload in aren't
convenient for an enclosed build - does anyone object if I clean this

embeddedplanet-ep405pc & motorola-sandpoint are both PPC so won't build

via-epia-m, Iwill-dk8s2, totalimpact-briq, technologic-ts5300 and
newisys-khepri all failed to have a config file that buildtarget was
happy with.

via-epia, digitallogic-adl855pc, digitallogic-msm586seg, eaglelion-5bcm
& emulation-qemu-i386 all have problems with udelay.

amd-serenade has an error I don't quite understand.

island-aruma has a non-standard build dir so it doesn't get picked up.
Again this is something I'll fix up in the config file unless I hear

I've got my EPIA-M code to the point where it's hitting the udelay
problem various other ports have. I haven't quite tracked down what
other change has made this happen though. EPIA was certainly building a
month or so ago from the tree when I tried it.


Hell hath no fury like the lawyer of a woman scorned.

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