[LinuxBIOS] Where should stuff go?

Hamish Guthrie hamishl at dplanet.ch
Mon Apr 11 18:03:47 CEST 2005

Hi All, and particularly Eric or Ron,

I am busy doing a port of the Geode code to v2, and similar to most of the
x86 SoC's the GX1 has a lot of locally memory mapped registers to configure
stuff before the chip is useful at all.

These registers have to be configured before RAM initialisation etc., and I
was just wondering if I should do a dirty hack to include the assembler for
this, or if it would be better to recode in C and create a section of code
which resides in the cpu tree as opposed to the mainboard tree which is
executed prior to the auto.c code.

I could of course also chuck this code into the auto.c file, but with auto.c
being in the mainboard section, it is not totally appropriate, because for
most of these SoC's this particular code is the same for all mainboards - it
is really silicon dependant, not mainboard dependant.

If I were to create a new cpu init code section, how exactly would I go
about incorporating this into the build structure so it will execute before


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