[LinuxBIOS] Boot Time

Tyson Sawyer tyson at irobot.com
Tue Apr 5 19:05:14 CEST 2005

Jun OKAJIMA wrote:
> Hello.
> I understand one of the biggest merits of LinuxBIOS is fast booting.
> Then, how fast it is? The top page of the Wiki says 3 sec, 
> and "7/25/01: Dual Athlon update " issue says about 2 sec to
> boot a kernel. But this log shows it took 20 sec.

The dominant factors are device driver init/probing and starting 
services.  Thus, boot time will be very dependent on system 
configuration.  For the the 3 second example I booted to a shell prompt 
using an initrd image, serial console and not much else.  Most real 
systems are going to take a fair bit longer than that.

The main difference w/linuxbios is that the kernel is loaded and running 
in under 1 second vs. 10-50 seconds for a COTS bios.  How fast things go 
once the kernel is booted is up to you.


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