PCI IRQ tables

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SMP or single CPU?
If SMP, and io apci is enabled, you may only focus on mptable.c and
irq-tables.c may only contain device that point to the peer roots bus.

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Subject: RE: PCI IRQ tables
  I didn't get an answer from the previous post so I'll just simplify
a little bit.  Can someone point me to where I can learn more about
the magic that makes the pci_irq files?  

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Subject: PCI IRQ tables
  What happens if the pci irq mapping is a mess?  I know you can use getpir
with a good bios, but what if you don't have one?  Is there a way to get the
pci irq mapping without a standard bios?  If you had to do it by hand could
you explain how it should be done?
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