awdbedit's Chipset Registers

Bryan E. Chafy bchafy at
Tue Sep 28 12:33:01 CEST 2004

OK, I downloaded linuxbios but I dont have a supported 
board/chipset (an older acer aspire with an ALI chipset).
And of course, acerlabs makes it a policy not to give away their specs.

But there still might be hope.  Award bios's exist for other boards
with the same chipset (take a look at for a cross reference).

I got one of those bios files and loaded it in awdbedit.
awdbedit lists the chipset registers, or so it seems
(click Recognized Items->System BIOS->"Chipset Registers" tab, as well
as the "Setup Menu" tab.)   
Could that be enough info to get a board up and running?  
The tables look kinda raw, ie no distinction between northbridge/southbdride
etc.  The "Setup Menu" tab gives a little more detialed description
for some registers.
Are there any chipset experts out there who could comment on this?

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