nVidia CK804 support

YhLu YhLu at tyan.com
Tue Sep 28 11:29:01 CEST 2004

We will get answer this week.

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Subject: nVidia CK804 support

We are in development of a dense dual Opteron board with nVidia's CK804.

I understand that YH has been able to port LinuxBIOS for the TYAN S2895
which has a pair of CK804's.

I'd really like to make LinuxBIOS available on our board, which is
designed to be a blade in a cluster.

What is the status of this code, and what are the possibilities/problems
related to it's availability?

I'd be happy to test/verify the code it in our configuration (which is
somewhat different than the TYAN 2895).

Any information/assistance appreciated.


Opus Innovations LLC

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