Intel E7520 support

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Fri Sep 24 17:35:00 CEST 2004

* YhLu <YhLu at> [040924 18:56]:
> How about add acpi that only is related to pci to the LinuxBIOS?
> Otherwise how make the PCI-E device get interrupt assigned?

We need to provide a DSDT for this, and thus probably a lot of other
information about the system. Or can PCI-E interrupts be completely
stored in other tables? Last time I tried to get more ACPI support into
LinuxBIOS I stopped when I had to create some dozens of tables and a
whole bunch of ASL just to get PCI interrupts working. If Linux sees one
table, it often thinks that the complete set must be there. The features
are not handled "atomicly".. No idea whether it really is possible at
all. But going ASL is a lot of work 


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