amdk8_scan_chains() questions

Liu Tao liutao at
Tue Sep 21 21:42:00 CEST 2004


    I googled some results of amdk8 linuxbios, and seems
after dev_enumerate() AMD8111 is not at bus0. So does
it mean when we are running from the BIOS ROM the
IO HUB must be at bus0, and when we are running in RAM
the bus number doesn't matter?

Liu Tao

>    In AMD's <<BIOS and Kernel developer's Guide>> 3.3.16 LDTi Bus Number
> Registers section it says that if the link contains the HT IO hub the 
> secondary
> bus number must be programmed to 0. But amdk8_scan_chains() is called 
> with
> max=0, so it won't write the secondary register of  any link to 0? Or 
> some
> other code handles this case?

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