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Fri Sep 17 23:25:01 CEST 2004

I wanted to bring to attention Intel's Platform Innovation Framework for  
Extensible Firmware Interface since its goals overlap with those LinuxBIOS a  
little bit.  After reading the article at 
_ ( ,  
I had some 
questions about the ability of LinuxBIOS to support next-generation  
hardware.   It looks like Intel wants to change the  whole firmware landscape with 
EFI.  If such a framework will be  truly open and support legacy systems, it'll 
make LinuxBIOS redundant, wouldn't  it?  What about 
newer architectures like those built around the Itanium?   Will LinuxBIOS 
be able to scale up as well as EFI?  Those are questions that I wanted  to 
throw out there.
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