Dave Belt beltsw at
Mon Sep 13 13:15:01 CEST 2004

There appear to be a couple versions of mkelfImage floating around and
I've heard reports of varying degrees of reliability with them. 
Could anyone enlighten me on differences here?
We're trying to boot Linux via Etherboot and are getting the following:
Welcome to elfboot, the open sourced starter. 
January 2002, Eric Biederman. 
Version 1.3 
Loading Etherboot version: 5.2.2 
ROM segment 0x2e81 length 0x7938 reloc 0x00020000 
CPU 1664 Mhz 
Etherboot 5.2.2 (GPL) Tagged ELF for [3C90X] 
get_memsizes | linuxbios 
Relocating _text from: [000244e0,00034330) to [efef01b0,eff00000) 
Probing pci nic... 
3C90X Driver 2.00 Copyright 1999 LightSys Technology Services, Inc. 
Portions Copyright 1999 Steve Smith 
MAC Address = 00:10:5A:A2:5A:82 
Connectors present: 10Base-T / 100Base-TX. 
Searching for server (DHCP)... 
Me:, Server:, Gateway 
Loading (ELF)... done 
Issuing RESET: 
elf_start | breakpoint = 0x0002ee44 
Has anyone seen this before?
Is this a problem with our Linux kernel or is the problem with
Thanks in advance.
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