epia m vga + memcpy update

Li-Ta Lo ollie at lanl.gov
Mon Sep 13 10:01:01 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 02:08, Egbert Eich wrote:
> Li-Ta Lo writes:
>  > 
>  > Did they do anything on the "core" x86emu? Last time I checked,
>  > XF86 4.4.0 has almost the same x86emu as testbios.
> Any XF86 stuff may be outdated.

Then, what is the most updated thing? X.org ?

>  > 
>  > BTW, I think a fork of x86emu is inevitable. If we want to move
>  > testbios into LinuxBIOS, we have to remove all OS/libc dependence
>  > from the emulator.
>  > 
> A fork would be crazy. x86emu is hard enough to maintain as it is:
> the main sources are hosted by scitech somewhere deep down under
> then it is also living in the X.Org tree in extras/ where the stuff
> that's maintained elsewhere exists.
> Scitech has this stupid version control system called 'Perforce'.
> I have been unable to commit my stuff back there although 
> Kendall Bennett and I have tired hard to make write access work for
> me.
> Removing OS/libc dependences is a valid proposal which should be persued
> in the main version.
> I would like to move hosting someplace else. I could host it on
> freedesktop.org - although it is not primarily desktop related.
> I have not done it so far for lack of time, however if somebody
> would volunteer to help we could get started on this.

Since we (LinuxBIOS) are pretty much depending on x86emu for 
initializing the VGA and probably other "obscured" device,
I am willing to help.


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