building romimage for tyan s2850 mainboard

Sagiv Yefet sagivy at
Sun Sep 12 04:27:01 CEST 2004

I am trying to build and run a romimage for tyan s2850:



            No disks

            Superio : w83627hf

            Ethernet: broadcom

            Southbridge: 8111


It looks like the default mainboard configuration.


In order to start I wanted to build only the normal image. Only to see
some output in the console.

I made the following changes in 

* put the romimage "fallback" statement in comment.



* remove "fallback from build: buildrom ./linuxbios.rom ROM_SIZE

* Use filo boot.


I built the romimage, burn it and the console doesn't show output. 

The problem is not in the cable.

What am I doing wrong ?




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