Thanks for all the great answers!

linuxg33k linuxg33k at
Fri Sep 10 20:49:01 CEST 2004


Allright that answers a whole lot then.  I will have more answers when 
the mobo arrives, I think I'll order a Tyan and an Ecs depending on 
spec, etc.   Does anyone have any recommendations for particular 
models?  Any favourites and why?

I understand how the fast boot times now work.  This completely changes 
my pedestrian understanding of computer boot process - what you guys 
describe is revolutionary.  I have a feeling my plans for systems 
upgrade will be drastically changed after i grok LB (we were planing on 
refreshing desktops and moving to debian, but LB alone opens up a whole 
new set of possibilites).

As I have buying power for our company, I would like to send encouraging 
words to Tyan and Nvidia.  Does anyone know of any 'in' emails i could 
send encouraging words to - the corporate websites hide behind low level 
cronies and fake webreply systems and I'm never sure if the message gets 
passed on or deleted?   Obviously a lot of research is left to be done 
on our part, but if what i think is possible with LB, we will be 
standardizing on a single motherboard and single chipset and Linux Bios 
- this is a message I want to get to the right parties.

As a former professional graphic/web designer, I'll take on the 
challenge of the website if the project needs help.  The site is small 
so I can maintain it fairly easily, but as well, I think we can move to 
a CMS that would allow users to update info as they want without doing 
any html.  The new website is a wonderfull example of a 
clean design that I prefer, perhaps something with different esthetics 
but similar clean layout would be appropriate?  Just a thought.  If any 
of the owners are interested email me, I can get started right away.  I 
really think the first thing that is necessary is to toss up as much 
updated info as possible, so let's get going.

As a side note, Linux Bios may or may need a logo like the one mozilla 
has.  Now, the artist for mozilla far outstrips my talents, thats some 
world class logo work, but, what I thought would be neat tho is to have 
a LinuxBios official logo that manufacturers can put on their 
motherboards/systems to indicate it has a linux bios inside.  Obviously 
my marketing side is showing up so if it's feeling a bit gross, I 
appologize.  Any opinions on this idea?

And thanks again for the torrent of answers, it's helped a great deal!

- Rob

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