Allocateing resouces for PCI expansion roms... (was 440bx VGA probs)

Richard Smith rsmith at
Thu Sep 9 09:14:01 CEST 2004

Stefan Reinauer wrote:

>>ADLO should really look at the pci options roms and do the appropriate
>>thing, so if LinuxBIOS can reserve a hole in the memory address space
>>to map the ROM into, ADLO should do the rest.
> This would require to actively change the PAM registers during ADLO
> still, would it not? 

> With our current abstraction, this is something that should clearly go
> to LinuxBIOS though since it is chipset specific. 
> Ok, we don't want callbacks, but could we not store the information on
> how to cope with PAM registers in the LinuxBIOS table, probably as some
> array of PCI addresses to read+[&|]+write to? This would allow to keep
> ADLO completely generic.  

Are you guys discussing how this needs to be done for V2?  Because for 
V1 this is really starting to sound complicated which was not what I was 
  attemping to suggest.

The only thing that BOCHS needs is  a copy of the ROM extension in the 
legacy range.  It already scans the range and runs any extension it 
finds.  ADLO currently does this copy because LB dosen't.

All I need is an address assigned to the ROM that won't conflict.
Then a few changes in the chipsets northbridge code will make this work 
for on card expansion ROMS.  Simple and fairly non-intrusive.  The only 
intrusive change is the assignment of a mem-address to the ROM.

Why make it more complex than that? Am I just missing something here?

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