VGA Problem about 440bx chipset

Adam Sulmicki adam at
Thu Sep 9 08:21:00 CEST 2004

On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, Gerald Chiu wrote:

> >then you may want to play with timings in the IDE driver in bochs..

> Could you offer me more clues on modifying timngs stuff dealing with IDE
> driver?

not really it is sort of black magic.

i can't really tell what's different between my old setup and your current
that causes XP to fail.

do make sure that it does boot correctly under old bios before booting it
under LB/ADLO.

then it is a bit of experimenting, see where it fails and try to slow it
down or speed up.

add more debugging/prompts to XP and/or remove them.

another idea you might want to try.

grab latest bochs bios from BOCHS projects, merge the patches I made, as
ndeeded, and see if it works.... although last time I looked at it they
did not make there any significant changes.. at least on the first look.

... it is clear that bochs bios could use some improvements, but on upside
one they are made it could boot more than just 2K.... the Win98 did not
seem that far off either... That is, if you are ready to spend some work
on that.

yet another idea, check bochs mailing list to see what kind of problems
they had getting 2K to run. they may or may not apply here..

in general bochs bios was written for emulator so most of the issues with
geting it to run on real hardware were timing related.

dunno if that helps.

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