epia m vga XFree86 4.3 works

Trellix78 at aol.com Trellix78 at aol.com
Thu Sep 9 00:30:00 CEST 2004

Well, I'm definitely making some progress with the epia m vga.
I downloaded the very latest freebios from CVS and I see that I was indeed  
missing the shadow copy stuff in mainboard.c and also, I was using the wrong  
value for the vt8623 PCI id.  Now, I have a different problem.  I'm  able to 
get XFree86 4.3 to start up on tty0 but it complains about  AGP,  DRI and linear 
memory.  I believe there's a post about that but it didn't  mention a fix.  I 
get no output on the monitor until then.  Adding AGP  support in the 2.6.6 
kernel causes the system to hang after the driver is  loaded.  I'll compile a 
2.4 kernel + maybe enable framebuffer support in  the kernel to test.   Other 
things that I've tried so far is to enable  VIDEO_CONSOLE and the fixup code but 
I still don't get any output prior to X  starting up.  I'm currently clueless 
about why video mode + PCX  loading stuff can be done even before the PCI 
stuff.  The upside to  all this is that I'm now very familiar with the code.  I 
know  there's stuff in the FAQ, but would anyone object if I posted a  map of 
the code for the epia m from entry16 all the way to elfboot()  as an example?  
I've drawn such a map to help navigate through the  directories and code and 
IMHO all the cool stuff happens at hardwaremain(),  anyway.  Cheers and thanks 
for all the help.
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