Allocateing resouces for PCI expansion roms... (was 440bx VGA probs)

Adam Sulmicki adam at
Wed Sep 8 17:23:00 CEST 2004

> >
> > yes, that name is fine. The issue is that the handling of that option (in
> > V1) would be done in code in northbridge.c for almost every chipset we
> > support in v1
> I don't understand.  Shadowing is chipset specific and would have to be
> done for all chipsets in v1 or v2.  Putting it in the chipsets
> northbridge.c is way better than having to modify and keep a special
> version of ADLO's loader.s thats only works for one specfic chipset.
> But who said anything about doing it for all chipsets in v1?  Ther are
> only a few of us that are trying to use ADLO. Let those who desire this
> add the necessary code.
> All this does is provide an nice easy method of getting the vbios into
> C000.  Rather than the multi-step method of boot card in machine with
> COTS bios, copy bios to file, add file to the ADLO build, rebuild
> linuxbios, boot card under linuxbios+adlo.

this obviously assumes non-integrated vga bios. On SiS 650 (IIRC) the VGA
BIOS would be on the same chip as PC BIOS

but yeah, otherwise it sounds like a neat trick.

I assume LB would do all copying? IIRC ADLO would turn off write access
once copying it was done. The " E) shadow - OFF (write)" Not sure if
that's strictly necessary but it does happen after the copy operation.

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