Allocateing resouces for PCI expansion roms... (was 440bx VGA probs)

Richard Smith rsmith at
Wed Sep 8 11:42:14 CEST 2004

ron minnich wrote:

> What I'd say for your one option which was something like:
> option ENABLE_SHADOW_C000

What I'm thinking of would only be for the VGA device so perhaps


would be more descriptive?  V1 has lots of options that don't really 
match what they do and I'd rather not contribute to expanding that list.

> is that you would put code in northbridge.c to enable that shadow.  
> The other one is probably not needed.

On our prior desing we had a ISA PCMCIA bridge that only seemed to work 
at c000 and we had to move the VGA shadow to e000.  But now that 
everything is PCI thats probally not an issue anymore.

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