Allocateing resouces for PCI expansion roms... (was 440bx VGA probs)

Richard Smith rsmith at
Wed Sep 8 11:32:01 CEST 2004

Li-Ta Lo wrote:

> I don't think either V1 or V2 can do expansion ROM. It is the first 
> thing on my todo list for porting testbios into LB.

Correct.  They don't.  I'm trying to see what it will take to make them.

I don't need general expansion rom support.  All I need for ADLO is a 
valid memory range assigned to the VGA expansion ROM.  Then my chipset 
code can enable the rom and do the shadowing copy.

>>The red book so far hasn't been much help.  Or I just haven't found the 
>>right section.  Eric (or anybody else): where did you get your info when 
>>you re-factored all this code?
> What's red book ?

"PCI Hardware and Software. Architecture and Design" by Edward Solari 
and George Willse.  It has a red cover.

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