epia m vga + memcpy update

Trellix78 at aol.com Trellix78 at aol.com
Wed Sep 8 07:37:01 CEST 2004

hate to be clogging up the list but memcpy works!!
It looks like the VT8622/8623/8635 all have the same way
of dealing with this shadow copy stuff.  After losing a
couple of hours sleep, I've hit another snag here (partial log):
setting pci slot
setting vt8235 slot
Assigning IRQ 5 to  0:11.1
Readback = 5
Assigning IRQ 12 to 0:11.5
Readback =  12
found VGA: vid=1106,  did=3122
Setting up VGA, VGABIOS_START:  0xfffc0000
Looks like VGA_ROM is good: 0x55  0xaa
VGA copy looks good
bus/devfn = 0x100
biosint: # 0x15, eax 0x5f00  ebx 0x100 ecx 0x100 edx 0x12
biosint: ebp 0x138dc esp 0xff2 edi 0xf934 esi  0x141f8
biosint: ip 0x637f cs 0xc000 flags 0x46
calling  handleint21()
done with handleint21()
returning from  biosint()...ret=-1
biosint: # 0x1a, eax 0xb108 ebx 0x0 ecx 0x0 edx  0x3d5
biosint: ebp 0x138dc esp 0xfcc edi 0xf6 esi 0x155eb
biosint: ip  0x40da cs 0xc000 flags 0x46
calling pcibios()
0xb108: bus 0 devfn 0x0 reg  0xf6 val 0x3
done with pcibios()
returning from  biosint()...ret=0
I've tried to put some debugging outputs but the system
just grinds to a halt after the second call to biosint().
It's now my belief that directly manipulating the registers on  the Apollo
CLE266 northbridge might yield better results for the epia M.
VIA doesn't seem inclined to give out the datasheets or source code, as the  
posts on viaarena indicate.  I wonder if looking at the linux driver  patches 
for kernel 2.4 and greater might offer some clues.  Any help  would be greatly 

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