elf for USB boot in FILO in Etherboot

Dave Aubin daubin at actuality-systems.com
Thu Sep 2 11:53:00 CEST 2004

Here's is what I've found and made filo & elf work.

I build with AMD64, 2.6.6 compiled under Suse 9.0, gcc 3.3.1. 
I build with mkelfImage also on Suse 9.0, Amd 64.  

There is a problem loading any mkelf image with an initrd.
I don't think it has anything to do with the tools as I've tried
An elf made with all 32 bit tools and an older compiler got the
Same failure with the initrd portion.  I suspect it is the elf
Decompression in filo with a multipart built elf.  I know 
mkelfImage with multipart works in etherboot, so I further think
It is filo's elf reader.  That said here's what I did to get around 
The problem.

Don't use a kernel & initrd approach.  Use a different early file system
Approach.  I use initramfs.  It is one Big Fat Kernel (BFK).  When I use
Approach it works for me.  

I hope this helps those who wish to use filo & etherboot.


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I remember that some time ago, Miller met the problem with the use FILO
and FILO in Etherboot to boot elf made by mkelfImage 2.5....from Kernel
and Init.

The kernel said that can not find the init.  

Yesterday I met the same problem under following configuration:

Kernel: compiled under Suse 9.1 AMD64 ( gcc 3.3.3).
Used mkelfImage under Redhat 9 to produce the final elf.

When I use 2.6.5, 2.6.6, 2.6.7 with Suse 9 compiler gcc 3.3.1, all work

Miller seems have problem with 2.6.6 and Suse 9.1. 

So I guess there is some problem with gcc 3.3.3 in Suse 9. or there is
some optimization for (EM86T) cause problem.

Miller, Can you try to compile your kernel under Suse 9.?



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