Redirect your console to the network

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Wed Sep 1 17:05:01 CEST 2004

Hello from Gregg C Levine
Ron, Dave, is this something that became part of the basic 2.6 series
kernel? I looked at the website that Dave suggested, and it looks to
be something that makes sense. However, I'm wrapped up in something
else, and I can't test a 2.6 kernel for a while. 

I should have an idea in about 20 days or so, that's when an
evaluation for one of my examples is up.

Ron if you don't want me sending some messages directly to you, and to
the correspondent, (Dave), and then to the list, I'll delete your
address from the To: entry next time.
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> I'll try to find it.
> The other change I made was to turn it into a real device (which
they may
> also have done) and have it not start sending output until the first
> This change was needed to ensure it would not try to use the network
> until it was actually there ...
> ron
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