VGA Problem about 440bx chipset

Chiu Gerald snow2moutain at
Wed Sep 1 07:32:00 CEST 2004

>From: Richard Smith <rsmith at>
>To: snow2moutain at
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>Subject: Re: VGA Problem about 440bx chipset
>Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 10:33:35 -0500
>Chiu Gerald wrote:
> > I found the work done about vga are:
> > (1) allocate_vga_resource() in newpci.c
> >   enbale io/mem of the vga adapter
> >   then walk up the bridges setting the VGA enable
>That should all be done already.
> > (2) copy the vga bios to 0xc0000 using adlo,and run bochs bios.
> >  I'm not sure if it had initilized the vga controller enough.  And I
>You will get a vga bios boot screen if it works.
> > found there are some registers about AGP from 440bx northbridge
> > datasheet ( 82443bx hostbridge/controller),such as AGP capability
> > identifier register,AGP command register,AGP status register...
> > But this work hadn't been done in linuxbios,maybe I need to set these
> > registers correctly according to the datasheet to enable AGP?
>This is probally your problem.  None of the AGP stuff is setup in the
>440bx code.  Only PCI cards have been used to date.  You will have to
>write AGP init code.
you mean that PCI card works?
Now I changed to a PCI video card,and bochs had run the vga bios,but still 
nothing happened!
I have no idea what should I do next.

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