Starting with linuxbios

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Sat Oct 30 03:26:01 CEST 2004

Nathanael Noblet <nathanael at> writes:

> On Oct 28, 2004, at 12:54 PM, Adilson Oliveira wrote:
> > Hello guys.
> >
> > I'm thinking about create (another one) Car-PC and I want to use linuxbios to
> > improve the boot time.
> > Is there any place you can recomend I can read about the basics of this
> > project?
> > I mean how it works, etc? Just to give me an outline before I start to dig
> > into it?
> > BTW, I want to use miniITX boards as the Via EPIA.
> The website is sorely out of date, and the source tree has just gone through a
> *major* overhaul. In that vein, the source for the epia version isn't functional
> (as I understand it right now). But will in a few weeks when it gets cleaned
> up.

I don't think the code is quite that bad.  My impression is that it just
needs an hour or so for someone to swat of the obvious conversion glitches
and to try it.    Of course it would be easier if the final test was
someone who already working epia so they didn't need to worry about pulling
the flash chip if something went wrong.

>  The website will be revamped when some of the volunteers (like myself) get
> to it. We've been really busy as well. I'm not nearly as knowledgeable in the
> arena here about the actual functioning of LinuxBIOS, but there are plenty here
> who are. I would suggest going through the mailing list archive as start. There
> was a great FAQ type submission a few months ago that helped me understand what
> was going on.

Yes.  The mailing seems to be second only to the source code.  At least it stays
fairly uptodate. :)


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