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Li-Ta Lo ollie at
Fri Oct 29 12:30:11 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-29 at 11:36, Richard Smith wrote:
> I'm using a CF on our board.
> > I think the most important issue is you tried to use ldscript magic
> > to layout the rom image. But it is still somehow 'hardcoded'. If it
> > is really that magical, people should have no problem changing the
> > rom layout by editing their target/ and put the c_payload
> > wherever they want.
> I've got a concern/question about moving the payload location.  Are we 
> talking about the location in RAM?

No, we are talking about the ROM image layout no how they are copied to
the RAM. Currently, if you don't put the kernel in the ROM, most of the 
ROM space is 'unused'.

> My ADLO+BOCHS+vbios payload is 130kib.  So moving the payload to 
> 0x0e0000 in the ROM is going to cause me issues.
> What exactly is the memory map of linuxBIOS?  I've kinda looked at the 
> ldscript but since I've never needed to chage it I must admit that its 
> mostly magic to me.

That is exactly my point. The way ldscript is done is too diffcult to 
understand, the different xxx_ROM_yyy options do not help neither.


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