Can some EPIA-M person fix this?

Richard Smith rsmith at
Wed Oct 27 15:48:01 CEST 2004

Dmitry Borisov wrote:

> Don't worry about them. They have enough money to hire somebody who can make it work, but they barely contribute it back :(
> I also was not able to have it <7sec, but I probably fix that before the NY as I need it badly.
> It will not be compatible with linuxbios though( epibios may be ? )

Well the problem is that its bad publicity.  Of course any publicity is 
acutally good for LB but it would be nice to have those numbers be 
really small and the article talking about how LB was the best solution 
and as a bonus its open source rather than just an OK solution thats 
open source.

Richard A. Smith

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