Makefile changes for symbols

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Thu Oct 21 16:21:01 CEST 2004


What version of Source point are you using? The symbols are coming in
but SourcePoint doesn't allow me to reference the source files.

I mapped the linuxbios directory on my Win2000 system for SourcePoint to
access.  (I have samba running on my linux system) I just need to get
SourcePoint working.


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The file under your target in normal/linuxbios_c.o seems to have all the
symbols if you add "-gdwarf-2" to the $CFLAGS in the Makefile.  Then
when you open the first C module the SourcePoint software asks where the
file exists, after you tell SourcePoint it seems to find the rest by
itself.  I recreated the same Linux directory structure on Windows.
Thanks Rod!


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Subject: RE: Makefile changes for symbols

Linuxbios_c, from the build directory, can be sucked into Sourcepoint to
extract the symbols. This allows the disassembled instructions to
display the symbols inline. It makes it easier to set breakpoints and
follow the code, but it's a far cry from source level debugging.  

I haven't attempted to link the source with sourcepoint yet. I may try
it later this week, let me know if you have any success.


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Subject: Makefile changes for symbols

Can someone give me the Makefile changes to make a LinuxBIOS with
symbols?  I tried adding "-gdwarf-2" to CFLAGS, but I'm not sure where
the unstripped output would be.  

Are there any features in the code that are useful in debugging
LinuxBIOS? Any defines that should change as well?

Someone must have some experience with source code level debugging of
LinuxBIOS with an American Arium ECM-50.  Thanks.

Steve Kimball
Benchmark Electronics
Hudson, NH 
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