FYI: Merge in progress...

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Tue Oct 19 12:12:00 CEST 2004

* Ronald G. Minnich <rminnich at> [041019 17:55]:
> > I've been going over the various ports trying to get a feel for
> > whats needed.  What I think I may do is take a stab at creating a
> > generic port.  Some fictious motherboard that has the minimum
> > structure necessary as a search and replace starting point.  Does
> > that sound useful?   If so what should I name it?
> I'm not sure it's less work than a full one, although you could set up 
> 'user mode linuxbios' for educational purposes.
Wait!! That is already there... Have a look at the emulation/qemu-i386
motherboard before you start anything new! I did that a while ago, but 
it could use some work (the PCI resource allocation vanished when I
dropped around the time I dropped the normal image to get more space for
my payload)


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