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Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Mon Oct 18 17:35:01 CEST 2004

* Ronald G. Minnich <rminnich at> [041018 18:19]:
> Yeah, well, how about this: here's how target config files look now:

Really awesome! Now LinuxBIOS is not a step further, but a couple of
big jumps. 

> target hdama
> mainboard arima/hdama
> romimage "normal"
> 	option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=0x10000
> 	option LINUXBIOS_EXTRA_VERSION=".0Normal"
> 	payload /usr/share/etherboot/5.2.1eb1-lnxi-lb/tg3--ide_disk.zelf
> end
> romimage "fallback" 
> 	option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=0x10000
> 	option LINUXBIOS_EXTRA_VERSION=".0Fallback"
> 	payload /usr/share/etherboot/5.2.1eb1-lnxi-lb/tg3--ide_disk.zelf
> end
> buildrom ./linuxbios.rom ROM_SIZE "normal" "fallback"

With such simple target config files, one could think about an autobuild
kind of thing, checking the status of all LinuxBIOS target builds
nightly. This would put immediate attention on changes that break
something. I hacked down attached little script, which creates output
similar to the following, leaving flashable images for each platform.

Processing mainboard amd solo (i386: ok)
  Creating config file... ok
  Creating builddir...FAILED!

Processing mainboard arima hdama (i386: ok)
  Creating config file... ok
  Creating builddir...ok
  Compiling image ..FAILED!
Processing mainboard embeddedplanet ep405pc (ppc: skipped, we're i386)

I attached a little script to do this. If someone likes it, I would
check it into freebios2/util/abuild and give it a try on base of the
linuxbios snapshots (

Ideas, hints, patches, flames welcome...


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