Flash Chip on EPIA-M10000 (fwd)

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Fri Oct 15 14:15:01 CEST 2004

This conversation looks like a beginning to a "where do I get a flash 
part" FAQ


On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Joshua Wise wrote:

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> | I'm searching for a bios chip for the EPIA-M10000.
> | Unfortunatly I found no distributor for the standard chip (SST
> 39SF020A) in
> | switzerland and some neighbour countries.
> |
> | Is there some alternative for this flash chip, which also can flash
> during a
> | running system or a good distributor for a small number of items?
> I believe that mouser (mouser.com) will ship anywhere in the world. They
> ~ seem to have the 39sf020a in stock, priced at $1.84 for one.
> They also have the 512kbyte 39sf040, which AFAIK is pin-compatible. The
> 040 is priced at $2.35 for one.
> Of course, as Mouser is in the US, shipping is likely to cost more than
> the part itself (d'oh!).
> I have heard good things about the UK-based Radio Spares. A quick search
> of their site - rswww.com - doesn't turn up the part, but I assume that
> if you compare some datasheets for the PLCC parts, you can find a
> pin-compatable part.
> joshua
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