linux kernel patch

Gin ginlin at
Fri Oct 15 03:35:00 CEST 2004

Thanks for the email. I downloaded the freebios2 version. It looks much
cleaner. Good work. Currently we are looking for a proper mainboard
among our products to run linuxbios on. I don't know the specific
chipset but we tend to use Intel solution on our products. Is there any
suggestion for us to pick a chipset/cpu model? We hope to build a more
stable machine at the first time. 

I happened to have a old board(440GX). As I can't wait for they to pick
a mainboard, I decide to try linuxbios on this one first. 
Can I build the linuxbios image from the new source- freebios2? Would
that work as the included directories might have been changed in the new

For the new source(freebios2)
1. Do we need a Config file for each mainboard to run? Does it work(the
building process)like the old way or it has been changed?
2. Is any document of how to build linuxbios on the new source? 

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we don't patch kernels any more. Just ignore anything about kernel 

What's the hardware in question ?What chipset? We're happy to help.


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