testbios loops?

Dave Aubin daubin at actuality-systems.com
Fri Oct 8 09:43:01 CEST 2004

I got it and here are the results:
daubin at buildserver1:~/tmp/utils> ./romheaders
Image 1:
PCI Expansion ROM Header:
  Signature: 0x55aa (Ok)
  CPU unique data: 0x74 0xeb 0x4b 0x37 0x34 0x30 0x30 0xe9
                   0x4c 0x19 0x77 0xcc 0x56 0x49 0x44 0x45
  Pointer to PCI Data Structure: 0x0090

PCI Data Structure:
  Signature: 'PCIR' (Ok)
  Vendor ID: 0x10de
  Device ID: 0x0045
  Reserved: 0x0000
  PCI Data Structure Length: 0x0018 (24 bytes)
  PCI Data Structure Revision: 0x00
  Class Code: 0x000300 (VGA Display)
  Image Length: 0x0074 blocks (59392 bytes)
  Revision Level of Code/Data: 0x0001
  Code Type: 0x00 (Intel x86)
  Indicator: 0x80 (last image in rom)
  Reserved: 0x0000

Platform specific data for x86 compliant option rom:
  Initialization Size: 0x74 (59392 bytes)
  Entry point for INIT function: 0x50

Can you please help explain this to me:)


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* Dave Aubin <daubin at actuality-systems.com> [041008 16:35]:
> Hi,
>   I went back to trying to get the Nvida 6800gt card's bios, but still

> even with dd -if=/dev/mem of=vgabios.rom skip=786432 bs=1 count=32768 
> I get the same binary as dd -if=/dev/mem of=vgabios.rom skip=1536 
> count=64.

Does the bios have a valid pci option rom signature? (55aa plus the
other stuff, see romheaders utility in the openbios tree)


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