Adding a PCI device that doesn't exist (yet)

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Hopping in mid-thread here so I may have the context wrong:

I have succeeded at programming the FPGA to create a PCI device after 
the boot process.  I was then able to have the device driver add the 
device to the pci device table and get resources allocated for it and 
get it paired up with the alread loaded device driver.

I did not figure out how to de-allocate/de-register such that I could 
cleanely re-program the FPGA without a re-boot.

Is this relevant?


Jay Miller wrote:
> Thanks for your help.  Certainly that's not ideal, but it may turn out
> to be our only option.
> Currently I'm investigating using proc_pci_attach_device() at the kernel
> level to add the device from the driver module init(post-program), but
> it's not looking promising.
> Thanks,
> Jay Miller
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>>Can you for the FPGA programming in the auto.c and issue an soft_reset
> in
> I think this can work with the current mechanisms. You need to have your
> chip programmed pre-pci-scan, and the current config mechanism supports 
> that fine. 
> Is this V1 or V2, I forget.
> ron
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