PCI guru consultant needed

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Fri Oct 1 14:26:01 CEST 2004

Bari Ari wrote:

> Are you testing this on more than one proto?

No. Unfortunaly I don't have but one proto.

> Can you repeatedly read and write successfully to registers in the M1? 
> Is sounds like you are having some success, since you have some display 
> output.

Yes.  From a software point.  Things appear to be ok.  I've also enabled 
all the IO output from testbios.  I can take testbios and run it on a 
different motherboard and with the PCI eval card I have and get a signon 
screen.  If I then duplicate this test on our board I get almost an 
identical log up until the point it starts testing 0xA0000 which fails 
and the logs then take different paths.

I've looked at the differences betwen the logs and they seem proper.

I've can also boot general software's bios on this board and the ATI 
card eval card does not work.  BUT I have other PCI video cards that DO 
work. Except they come up in monochrome mode.

I have an assiliant, nvidia, S3, matrox and a no name, PCI video cards 
that boot using general software's bios. Although they come up in 
monochrome mode.

But I also have 2 ATI (M1 and Rage pro), and a different S3 card that do 
not work.

> Is there a PCI slot on the board or at least PCI test headers for all 
> signals?

There is a single PCI slot on the board for testing.

> How do you know that the SDRAM is good inside the M1? I don't have the 
> M1 data sheet, but I bet the SDRAM and the GPU are separate die mounted 
> in the same package.

We have replaced the M1 chips on this boad once already.

I can plug the PCI eval card into any other PC and it works fine.

Richard A. Smith

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