changes today.

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Fri Oct 1 12:59:00 CEST 2004

Please respond. Otherwise I will commit it today.

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Please check the patch.

1. some tyan volatile messing because of ROMCC changes.
2. S2882 interrupt line assignment in mptable.c
3. exclude range for flash_rom.
4. better ht_setup_chainx() in incoherent_ht.c ---> change share bus 0 to
different bus for different incoherent HT link.
5. fix one bug about io and mem allocation for multi ht links. --- in
	Mark it if used before assign final value.
6. enable amd/quartet to init multi incoherent HT link in auto.c --- not
test, no MB on hand.
7. enable S2885 to init multi incoherent HT link in auto.c



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